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My Journey

Growing up in a sedentary family of ten, life has always revolved around eating, doing as little physical activity as possible, and obsessing about the number on the scale.

I vividly remember my brother saying, “If you want to eat the good stuff, you have to eat it right now.” I didn’t believe him. The next morning I woke up to learn that all of the ‘special’ food from the monthly shopping trip had indeed been eaten by the rest of my siblings.

That’s how I developed a binge-styled disorded eating pattern and I’ve battled it all my life since.

When you fall into that category where you know you have unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy fitness habits, an unhealthy body composition, and your rather miserable in your life – yet – you’re not so far across the unhealthy line that you could be a contestant on ‘The Biggest Loser‘ – it’s a hard place be.

People keep telling you that you look “fine” and at the same time they’re constantly sneaking in little jabs about how you look, your weight, or that they always have to wait on you. You know you’re the one holding them back or making them miss out on activities.

The head games – the self-esteem blows – the self-confidence wounds from the emotional trauma that are mostly self-inflicted! Sometimes you don’t know how bad it is until you do something like join the US Navy.

That’s what I did at 18 and soon after I was pregnant, having a shotgun wedding.

I would watch my weight fluctuate as much as 80 pounds and was fortunate enough to get pregnant a second time which saved me from having to be back in weight standards. And thank goodness, because I just couldn’t do it.

Determined not to let that happen again, I start my fitness journey. What better way to begin than to start teaching classes!

Still unaware of my own personal nutrition habits, I focused fully on physical fitness. I’d follow whatever diet seemed right or like it might work.

I learned for me, that restrictive diets always left me worse off in the long run, yet I kept getting drawn to the “quick results.” Suffering through the diets and working hard on my fitness, I actually reached peak physical shape  in 2005, practically fitness model.

That’s when I had my next big epiphany. My entire life, ever since I was a young kid, life revolved around a vision in the mirror and the number on the scale. I thought, if I could just reach it, I would finally be happy.

Only… once I finally got there, I was actually at the lowest point in my entire life. That realization changed my life and the trajectory of my path.

I finally saw that the end game for me, for everyone, is being happy and enjoying life. Fitness and nutrition are a huge part of that because when you can’t move your body or fit comfortably in things like cars or airplane seats, you limit the activities that you and your family get to experience.

But exercise and nutrition alone, being physically fit, does not make you have a happy life.

It’s more than that. You have to look at all the parts of your life as a whole. If your relationships are struggling or your stressed and unhappy with your job, it won’t matter how physically fit you are or that you have the “healthiest” diet on the planet. You still won’t be happy and healthy.

A truly happy and healthy life is a functionally fit life. It became my new quest. Along the way I consumed as much education and training as I could, getting certification after certification, trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

I’ve picked up about a hundred or more specialty certifications, but the major ones which I’ve used to create my programs as they’ve evolved today are Certified Holistic Health Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 2, FMS Level 1, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor.

Now that I’ve found my functional fitness, my quest has shifted to help others find theirs. You deserve to live your very best life, to be happy and healthy, living with purpose, on purpose.

XOXO ~ Marylynn

We’re Not Just  Trainers – We’re Educators

Fitness Coaching

You won’t come in for a random workout here. You’re program is designed based on where you’re at and where you want to be.

Nutrition Coaching

With our nutrition programs, you’ll have a huge variety of whole, nutrient-dense foods to choose from.

We’ll teach you how to discover which foods are healthy for you and which are the ones keeping you from reaching results.

Health Coaching

This is where we put it all together and make it work in your life. It’s an education.

If you’re always putting everything else in your life on hold in order to reach a particular goal (particularly in health and fitness) you set yourself up for an unhappy life with a lot of setbacks over and over.

We’ll teach you how to create the balance and harmony you desire in your life, so you can live with purpose, on purpose.

We’re Not Just Coaches – We’re Mentors

My goal is to help women and men learn and develop the skills they need to create the life of health they desire.

I am your coach, your mentor, and your champion. I am here to support and guide you in achieving your health, fitness, and life goals.

Build  the skills and healthy habits so you can always navigate the changes in your life with success.

Programs you’ve tried in the past may have worked then, but probably won’t work now. You can’t simply follow a program.

You need to learn a system of essential skills and healthy habit building blocks to be armed and ready when you go through your next major life transition.

If there’s one thing we know to be true…

The only constant thing in life is that it’s always changing. You move, change jobs, get in a new relationship, break up, buy a house, change work shifts, babies are born, kids grow up and leave, loved ones pass away, hormones change, and you certainly can’t stop the aging process.

Learn the skills that will help you recognize early on when you’re falling off track, and then know exactly what to do to right your course.

Introducing: Center Cut

Meet: Abby Bacon

With our recent move, our most fabulous instructor has split off into her own business, the leanest bacon: Center Cut.

Abby will continue to build, burn, and bullet proof your body in her R.I.P.P.E.D. group fitness classes on Wednesday night’s at 6 pm and Saturday mornings at 8:30 am.

Drop-In for $7/class or save $10 when you buy 10 classes for $60. Pay with cash or venmo: @CenterCutFitness

Schedule your spot by clicking the button below. 

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, she turned into a butterfly.

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